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Guitar Tone Settings

This section focus's on guitar tone settings and specifically the guitar tone settings of site visitors. Enter your amp or EQ settings into the appropriate database or view other visitors settings. If you would like to see other amps or FX included please visit the forum and make your request.

Mesa Boogie Amplifier Settings

Mesa Boogie AmpSubmit SettingsView Settings
Blue AngelSubmit Blue Angel Amp Settings View Blue Angel Amp Settings
ExpressSubmit Express Amp Settings View Express Amp Settings
F SeriesSubmit F Series Amp Settings View F Series Amp Settings
HeartBreakerSubmit HeartBreaker Amp Settings View HeartBreaker Amp Settings
LoneStar SeriesSubmit LoneStar Series Amp Settings View LoneStar Series Amp Settings
Mark IVSubmit Mark IV Amp Settings View Mark IV Amp Settings
Nomad SeriesSubmit Nomad Series Amp Settings View Nomad Series Amp Settings
Rectifier SeriesSubmit Rectifier Series Amp Settings View Rectifier Series Amp Settings
Stiletto Deuce/TridentSubmit Stiletto Deuce/Trident Amp Settings View Stiletto Deuce/Trident Amp Settings
TriAxisSubmit TriAxis Amp Settings View TriAxis Amp Settings

Mesa Boogie Rectifier series includes:

  • Dual/Triple Rectifier 2 Channel
  • Dual/Triple Rectifier 3 Channel
  • Rectifier Solo 50 Series 2
  • Rectifier Solo 50 Series 1
  • Rect-O-Verb 50 Series 1
  • Rect-O-Verb 50 Series 2
  • Road King
  • Trem-O-Verb

    Mesa Boogie Nomad series includes:

  • Nomad 100
  • Nomad 55
  • Nomad 45

    Mesa Boogie F series includes:

  • F-30
  • F-50
  • F-100

    Mesa Boogie LoneStar series includes:

  • LoneStar Classic
  • LoneStar Special

    Mesa Boogie Express series includes:

  • Express 5:25
  • Express 5:50

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