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Rockman Ads

Being a pack rat has its advantages. Below are numerous ads (most from the old Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine) on the various SR&D Rockman guitar effects products. Most of the Rockman rack mount, guitar amplifiers and stompboxes are represented along with a few products never released.

Rockman XPR single rack guitar processor:

Rockman XPR Ad #1
Rockman XPR Ad #2

Rockman Smart Gate Ads:

Rockman Smartgate Ad #1
Rockman Smartgate Ad #2

Rockman Midi Octopus Ad:

Rockman Midi Octopus Ad

Rockman PGE 2 Ad:

Rockman PGE 2 Ad

Rockman Amplifiers:

Rockman Amps Ad
Rockman XP212 Ad
Rockman Sustainor X12 Ad

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