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Godlyke, Inc. releases Maxon AD999 Pro Analog Delay

Godlyke is proud to announce the release of the Maxon AD999 Pro Analog Delay. The newest member of Maxon's highly touted Vintage Series, the AD999 Pro once again raises the bar for what users can expect from an analog delay unit.

Combining the best features of Maxon's popular AD999 and AD-9 Pro delay units into a single, powerful package, the AD999 Pro uses four custom-made Maxon MC4107D bucket brigade IC's with 900 milliseconds of available delay time. Delay repeats are then filtered using Maxon's proprietary RMS level sensor and companding noise reduction circuitry to provide the most pristine, low-noise analog delay tone available.

With a wider dynamic range than most other delays and a max input level of +12 dB, the AD999 Pro can be used with any input signal and also in amplifier effects loops. The AD999 Pro's improved low range response yields a bold sound not normally associated with analog delay, creating a delay tone that is simultaneously clear and firm yet retains the characteristic warmth of analog.

The AD999 Pro features a new "Multi-Head" mode that feeds midstream delay signals back into the delay circuit to emulate the sound of multi-head tape delay operation. These feedback loops can be selected in a variety of combinations to create complex multi-tap delay repeats and rhythmic delay effects such as triplet- and sixteenth-note rhythms. The Multi-Head mode creates a striking tape echo simulation, or it can be used to create ambient effects such as large room and concert hall reverberation.

The AD999 Pro features Maxon's standard DC to DC voltage converter/regulator circuitry that assures consistent performance regardless of AC power fluctuation. The AD999 Pro also ships with the new Maxon AC2009 power supply. The AC2009 provides very consistent high current that is regulated and filtered to provide stable, noise-free power. The AC2009 is auto-sensing, so it can be used anywhere in the world by simply changing out the detachable plug cord on the output side of the PSU.

Topping off the AD999 Pro are Stereo outputs that allow panning of the delay signal to two amps or mixer channels and mechanical true bypass switching on both outputs via a custom 4PDT low-noise switch. List Price/Street for the AD999 Pro is $533.32/$399.99 respectively.

For more information on the Maxon AD999 Pro Analog Delay or other Maxon products, contact Godlyke, Inc. at (973)777-7477 or visit their website at

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