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Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker Amp Settings

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HeadNice Fender Twin Reverb tone, clean, lots of lows, loves single coil neck pickupsSovtek 6L6WXT+ power tubes, NOS USA preamp tubes V1-V4, V5 JJ Ecc83S, V6 Sovtek 12AX7WC, V7 NOS Japan BK 12AX7A/7025, NOS GE rectifier tube View Settings

Headbold, in your face, great breakup, classic hard rockNOS RCA long black plate V1, NOS Sylvania long gray plate V2, V3, V7, NOS Zenith Long gray plate V4, Nos Baldwin long plate V5, V6. NOS GE 5AR4 rectifier. Mesa brand STR420 (Chinese) 6L6 power tubes View Settings

2x12 ComboChicago blues tone Cleans up well w/ guitar volume knobUse the trim switch with Humbuckers or sound looses defination. A good overdrive will take this sound over the top too. View Settings

2x12 ComboFat and a little furry but cleans up nicelyNice old blues tone works well with Single coils or Humbuckers. Cleans up well with volume control. View Settings

2x12 ComboClean country sound (Twin-ish)Rectifier Tube removed @ mesa recommendation for EL-34 View Settings

HeadLiquid Mk1 LeadSetting from the Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker factory manual. View Settings

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