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Headheavy rock vintage 30 speakersComments and modifications to your Vavle King View Settings

Headmetalincreible sonido peavey valveking View Settings

2x12 ComboClean - blues toneComments and modifications to your Vavle King View Settings

2x12 Combo....Comments and modifications to you View Settings

Head80's metal high end toneset volume where ever View Settings

HeadModern Metal SoundStock Valveking Head: Modern metal sound with Ibanmez RG320 Series View Settings

HeadGood clean sound Stock Valveking Head: Good clean sound with Ibanez RG320 Series View Settings

Headearly VH tone, with a little extra high end and smoother tonevideo takes away some low and midrange tone View Settings

2x12 ComboMetal with good metal distortion pedalgreat metalcore sound at low levels with a good distortion pedal View Settings

1x12 ComboSRV Semi dirty + AC/DCI replaced the stock speaker with an 8ohm Weber. I run througn an Ibanez PT5 for some delay and extra "kick" it has a tuescreamer built in it. but it is set to gain off. Roll of the guitar volume on your Fender Strat and your off the the can paste the other links in the brouser Clean Channel here...bass 12:00 Mid 2:00 Treb 2:00 AC/DC Same setting as the SRV...More guitar Vol. View Settings

1x12 ComboClassic RockGood starting point for classic rock. Gain boost can go either way depending on what song you are playing. View Settings

1x12 Combohigh gain, rock lead soundReverb set at taste, resonanace on View Settings

2x12 ComboSlash-esque tone. JCM Slash jubilee soundingVolume to your liking. Texture all the way to full power Class A/B It gives a rich thick Use Your Illusion Slash sound. Best used with a standard les paul outfitted with duncan alnico II pro's View Settings

1x12 ComboComments and modifications to your Vavle King View Settings

1x12 ComboHot rodded JCM 800Comments and modifications to your Vavle King of course, gain to your liking! volume as well. If you don't have a Reverb Unit, set it at 3. Great Classic Marhsall Tone!! View Settings

2x12 ComboClassic LeadComments and modifications to your Vavle King View Settings

HeadThick CleanComments and modifications to your Vavle King View Settings

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head
Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

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