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2x12 ComboLate '90's brown sound with peavey Wolfgang standardComments and modifications to your Triple-X I use almost same settings for lead just 7 on gain and 5 for bass. View Settings

Headmetalcore i have a prs drop b with blackouts sounds beefy View Settings

Headnice smooth distortionjust guitar straight into amp. important to have it set on medium for this sound. sounds fairly decent on crunch as well. View Settings

2x12 Combobrown soundishall you have to remember is that to keep the regular volume at around 2 and a half and crank the master volume. View Settings

2x12 ComboDIME'S TONEComments and modifications to your Triple-X View Settings

HeadComments and modifications to your Triple-X View Settings

HeadsmoothAdded boss eq through the effects loop. bootsted bass and mids, slightly cut highs. View Settings

2x12 ComboDark BluesSounds smooth, dark, and has just enough bite to make for heart-wrenching blues. The secret to getting great overdrive distortion without mudiness is to turn up the main volume and keep the gain low so that distortion just begins to come through. This lets the guitar ring through without causing the grit and grind to become junk-noise. View Settings

HeadComments and modifications to your Triple-X View Settings

1x12 ComboCrunch RhythmGood crunch rhythm tone at lower volumes. View Settings

2x12 ComboComments and modifications to your Triple-X View Settings

HeadExellent metal crunch with punch (mod of BROWN SOUND)I started with the BROWN SOUND BY CUTTING DOWN I found on this site (read his comments about the eq-ing, very helpful). Before I did the eq adjustments I didn't think it would sound worth a crap with everthing down so low, but WOW what an improvement!! The problem with this amp is that it is so versatile that its very difficult to dial in a great tone. The eq knobs effect each other and also act differently past 5. I was thinking of getting rid of it and getting a Bogner or Deizel. But not now. I use an MXR Zakk Wylde overdrive in front of the amp set to: output 3, tone set to 5.5, and the gain set to 6. I found that when using the MXR overdrive if I have the Ultra channel gain past 4 it gets muddy. I also use a Boss NS-2 before the MXR. And in the effects loop I run a BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer, set to: lo contour 4.5 and process set to 5. With out the BBE and the MXR it had the brown sound which I really dont like. With the BBE and MXR it has punchy lows and clear highs and screaming pinch harmonics. It sounds awesome for Alice in Chains and all modern metal. PS adjust volume as needed as I play in my living room. View Settings

HeadBad Ass sounding beast!With this setting you'll be able to rip the paint of your walls! It just really kicks ass, I'm using what I think is the standard 6L&'s (ruby). Enjoy View Settings

HeadTight Crunchy Hard Rock Tone that cuts through the mixI use EL34 tubes in my XXX, this tone works great by itself, but in order for it to cut through enough for me I need to use a MXR 10 band EQ in the loop with the following settings: (all settings are rough estimates of course) 31.25hz - +1 62.5hz - -1 125hz - +4 250hz - -2 500hz - -3 1khz - 0 2khz - 0 4khz - +5 8khz - -2 16khz - 0 These settings allow me to get nice low end chugga chugga, while still retaining clarity. View Settings

HeadMetal rythm soundThis is what I have my XXX set at for Metal rythm stuff and I am very happy with it. Since it is an active eq small adjustments from noon are the easiest way to find the gold in this beast. My settings for the crunch channel are almost identical except since I use it for leads I have the gain up just a tad higher and the bass up a little more. These settings work great for live and I just adjust the channel volumes to suit the venue. View Settings

1x12 ComboMetal Ultrai use a maple/walnut guitar with a lace drop and gain pick-up. i have a MXR 10 band eq in the loop, with the bass and treb boosted and the mids just slightly scooped. View Settings

1x12 ComboCleani use a maple/walnut guitar with a lace drop and gain pick-up. i have a MXR 10 band eq in the loop, with the bass and treb boosted and the mids just slightly scooped. View Settings

1x12 ComboMetali use a maple/walnut guitar with a lace drop and gain pick-up. i have a MXR 10 band eq in the loop, with the bass and treb boosted and the mids just slightly scooped. View Settings

HeadThe Brown Sound by Cutting DownTHE BROWN SOUND BY CUTTING DOWN I've owned a Triple XXX for over three years now, I was one of the first to one when they first came out. Yes, they were designed with the Mesa in mind to a degree. It looks kind of like one. However, it does two things the Mesa doesn't. The center frequencies change when you turn one of the three EQ knobs in reference to the others. This was designed that way for more available tone options. The second way it is different it is power tube type switchable. (It uses either 6L6 or EL34.) The Mesa only uses 6L6's. George Lynch had a hand in designing this thing. What ever that man touches sounds good. The active EQ can make it sound Mesa like. That is why I get it out of the mix. When I first bought it I heard that EL34 long sustained grind and knew it had potential. I knew that magic tone was in there somewhere, so I kept looking. The formula is a easy one... 1. EL34L?s and don't use the active EQ. Cut it all the way down. 2. Dime the master and channel volumes. The ultra channel has a bit more low end thump like a Marshall 100 super lead and the crunch more of a classic Marshall 50 watt tone. * One important note, The channel volume of the crunch channel effects the feel and tone of the other on the ultra channel and vice versa. Open the opposite channel up to get the most kick. Or back off the opposite one to even things out a bit. EQ Setting Barely open up the bass and I mean just a crack. You will hear the signal start to compress...All the way down the bass starts out louder then when you start to open it up a tad. After a 1/16 of a turn it compresses and gets lower in tone. That is magic land. Then it starts to bass up again. Go no farther then that. Stay in that range from low max compressed tone to where it just starts to open up. If you want to add just a tad mids or highs it?s all good but remember less is more. It?s up to you but Barely touch it!! (I call it "THE BROWN SOUND BY CUTTING DOWN." ) Effects Loop The Effect loop acts as a gain boost for solo's if you don't run effects thought it. Just step on the effect switch and you get a great clean boost. The send and return levels are adjusted in the back. Unity gain is achieved by diming the send and backing off a tad and barely opening up the return. Damper Switch The damper switch in the back can tighten up the notes for that EVH "Dance The Night Away" type of tone...It has three positions...loose, Mid, Tight. It acts kind of acts like the presence knob on the Marshall but can be a bit more dramatic. Now for the kicker. By cutting the active EQ all the way down you get the brown sound without a doubt. But the overall volume may not be enough to cut though in a large venue with dimed amps and so forth so.... The Line Level Out The line level out is post power amp. A real cool option. By having this option you negate the need for a Palmer Speaker Simulator. There is no need to tap the speakers for a line level signal. I owned a Palmer and sold it. The line out on the Triple XXX sounded way better, more natural. Effects At this point I add my effects. A TC Electronics G Major. A signal input coming out in stereo to my H&H power amp. This then goes to my wet cabs. My center cab is unaffected and dry except for the stomps in front. So nothing in the loop is cutting the signal or cutting down on the organic sound. Tubes (One more note, The XXX is such a gain monster it is not funny. It needs a bit of taming. I get less sensitivity to movement on the gain adjustment and a sweeter tone by using ECC832's from Eurotubes. It has the top half of a ECC83 and the bottom half of a ECC82 or the other way around. They are less gainy and I use them in V2 and V3 slot which are for the crunch and ultra channels. I use a ECC83s in V1 for the clean channel and a balanced ECC83 in the PI slot. -------------------- Star*Guitar View Settings

2x12 ComboGreat Bedroom volume/ toneComments and modifications to your Triple-X View Settings

Peavey Triple XXX Super 40 40W 1x12 Guitar Combo
Peavey Triple XXX Super 40 40W 1x12 Guitar Combo
Peavey Triple XXX 120W Guitar Amp Head
Peavey Triple XXX 120W Guitar Amp Head

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