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HeadPast hardcoreModified the gain pot from the stock 50k ohm to 1meg ohm(twice the value, same spec as the unltra channel) for a wider gain sweep View Settings

Headhard rock to early metalComments and modifications to your JSX View Settings

Headhard rock kin da sabbath to early metalJust put new tubes in it View Settings

HeadFat, but clear and malliableComments and modifications to your JSX 6l6 in power stage, ecc803 in V1 and V2, ecc83 in V3, and gold pin ecc803 in driver. All JJ. Cab is a VK412 for lake of finance. Bias is a bit on the hot side. View Settings

2x12 ComboMy toneComments and modifications to your JSX View Settings

2x12 ComboKiller EVH 5150 tone, all around sound!Killer harmonics high gain brown sound. very 5150ish!!! View Settings

HeadFull on metal tone, low and high volumeIm running sed winged c 6l6 power tubes in mine. View Settings

Headthis tone is like texas in july ans simillar to august burns red or maybe high mid grindcore? Comments and modifications to your JSX View Settings

Headlamb of fucking god whoop whoop El34 rule View Settings

Headvery mids metal sound for band like kris norris projekt or some shadows fall albumsi have the sig head n cab so its pretty good View Settings

HeadRoger's Rock Lead412 Cab, 6L6 tubes, Humbucker Guitar, Warn the neighbors! View Settings

HeadRoger's Rock Rhythm"Classic" Hard Rock rhythm sound 412 Cab 6L6 tubes Humbucker equipped guitar View Settings

HeadClean Jazz/Blues ToneThis is a bassy Jazz/Blues Clean for neck position single-coils and coil-tapped humbuckers through a 412 cabinet. Very percussive. View Settings

HeadHeavy rhythm tone/Warmer lead tone.This is a heavy rhythm tone using a 412 cabinet with a guitar with humbucking pickups. This alsomakes for a warmer lead tone. View Settings

HeadBasic Hard Rock/Metal ToneJSX through a 412 top cabinet. View Settings

HeadStraight up earlier Satch tonesThis is taken straight from pics of Joe playing at a clinic. View Settings

HeadRock/Fusion tone with high mids. I'm using a Js1000 in the neck position with the volume knob rolled back around 8. This is a really warm yet punchy tone. I'm using a THD Hotplate on the -8db setting through a THD 2x12 cabinet. View Settings

HeadFull On Lead/Metal Tone View Settings

HeadClassic "Marshall" style overdrive View Settings

HeadTonal Clean, brings out guitar toneNone View Settings

Peavey JSX 212 Joe Satriani Combo Amp
Peavey JSX 212 Joe Satriani Combo Amp
Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature Head
Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature Head

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