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Tubes - Power Tubes and Guitar Tone

If your a tube amp (or valve if your from across the pond) person then a key ingrediant to great tone is using the optimal tubes for your amp. Different brands of tubes produce different sounds and choosing the right tube can have a significant impact on your overall tone. If you have anything to add please leave feedback and it will be incorporated into this article.

6L6 Power Amp Tubes

Tube BrandTone Description
RubyGlassy sounding with a lot of bass, supposed to be a Philips/Sylvania copy. The Ruby is a good tube to use for a darker amplifier.
SEDNot quite as glassy as the Ruby, but they're glassier than the JJ. These tubes have a little more mids than the other two. They're very smooth as well. Pretty close to the Philips/Sylvania stuff. They don't have the same amount of headroom as the Philips 7581A.
JJThese have a deeper low end than either tube above. This tube is a bit fatter sounding than either of the above as well. These work well in taming bright amps. Not as smooth as the SED.

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Available Power Tubes

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