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Orange Speaker Cabs

Orange cabinets feature an 18ply birch plywood shell. The Right Design Orange’s unique “skid” design helps to acoustically couple the cabinet to the stage.

PPC112PPC212PPC412 - EPPC412 - COBC115OBC410
Power Handling60 Watts60 Watts300 Watts240 Watts350 Watts1000 Watts
Speaker Config.1 x 122 x 124 x 121 x 154 x 10
Speaker TypeCelestion Vintage 30Celestion Vintage 30Eminence CustomCelestion Vintage 30Eminence CustomeEminence Custom
Impedance16 Ohms16 Ohms16 Ohms16 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms
Input Type1/4" Jack1/4" Jack1/4" Jack1/4" Jack1/4" Jack
1/4" Jack
Grill ClothBasket WeaveBasket WeaveBasket WeaveBasket WeaveBlackBlack
Weight16kg / 35lb29.5kg / 65lb60kg / 112 lb60kg / 112lb31kg / 68lb43.5kg / 96lb
Dimensions (cm)54.5 x 28.5 x 4578 x 37.5 x 52.878 x 37.5 x 52.78 x 37.5 x 74.362 x 46.1 x 51.962 x 46.1 x 63.8

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