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Build Your Own Mic Eliminator

The big pain about playing live multiple times per month is setup and tear down, especially when you bring your own PA. Part of that hassle is carrying the extra guitar mic then finding the sweet spot on the speaker for that particular venue. Randall MTS cabinets and the RM20 come with a mic eliminator circuit that sounds pretty good thus eliminating the whole mic the cab issue. Unfortunately the Randall or Egnater heads and combo's don't come with this circuit so I made my own using the Palmer PDI-09 Guitar Junction.

The Palmer PDI-09 Guitar Junction is a direct box designed specifically for guitar much like the Hughes & Kettner Red Box. The main difference is the Palmer PDI-09 does not require a battery or phantom power to work which is why I chose the PDI-09 Guitar Junction over the Red Box.

Building the Mic Eliminator

Palmer PDI-09 First I ordered Neutrik male XLR patch panel connector, XLR male end, right angle 1/4" and straight 1/4" jacks and Belden mic cable from Parts Express. Then proceded in these simple steps.

  • Remove tube protector from back of Egnater Mod50 Combo
  • Drill 13/16's hole in back of tube protector
  • Solder XLR end to cable (ground/shield to 1, positive to 2, negative to pin 3)
  • Solder 1/4" ends to speaker cable
  • Insert XLR panel connector into tube protector and Dual Lock PDI-09 Guitar Junction to tube protector (inside)
  • Final Thoughts

    We recorded our latest demo using the Palmer PDI-09 Guitar Junction which is in the final mixing stages and I will provide link to the demo when it's posted online. The entire band was very pleased with the sound of the Palmer plus with setup as simple as plugging in the mic cable to the back of the combo what more could you ask for... well a roadie would be nice :)

    You can listen to my bands demo which was recorded using the Palmer PDI-09 Guitar Junction on our MySpace page. Palmer PDI-09

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