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Mesa Engineering Time Line

Mesa Boogie Ads

The May 2005 edition of Vintage Guitar magazine had a great ad for the Lone Star Special. Couldn't capture all the ad due to the size of my scanner but I got the important bits. Image Link

Mesa Boogie Catalogs Pages

YearProductImage Link
1995DC Series Image Link

Thought it would be good to see a time line of Mesa Engineering (Mesa Boogie) amps. Over time more detail about each amp/product will be added.

Mesa Boogie Product Progression

1969Princeton BoogiesThe amp that started it all. Boogie modified Fender Princetons.
1971130 Bass & 130 Lead HeadsFirst Mesa bass and Boogie guitar amps that were built from scratch.
1972Mark I BoogieFirst cascading preamp and the transitional link that offered vintage and modern performance
1980Mark II-AFirst modern, channel-switching amp with seperate Rhythm and Lead modes.
1982D-180 Rack Mount Bass AmpFirst rack mount, high power bass amp featuring dynamic "Dual Differential" drive circuitry.
1982Mark II-BImproved Lead overdrive and first ever effects loop
1983M-180 & M-190 Mono tube rack powerDual Differential circuitry in high power, rack mount guitar amps.
1983Mark II-CDual cascading Lead stage.
1984Studio .22Beginnings of the Dual Caliber series
1986Quad & Studio PreampsPreamps introduced tuned recording out.
1986Mark IIIFirst tri-mode amp offering clean, crunch and Boogie lead.
1988Stereo 400 & Simul 295Complete the rack revolution.
1989Mark IVVoted amp of the year 4 times.
1990Dual CalibersDC-3, DC-5, DC-10. Transition into todays F-series
1990Tri-Axis & Simul 2908 programmable modes and 200 stereo watts of rack goodness.
1991Dual & Triple RectofiersThe beginnings of guitar stack revolution.
1994Maverick & Blue AngelSimplicity and vintage power.
1998Nomads3 complete channels deliver vintage clean and brown sound.
2000-2Road King, Rac Pre & F-Series3 completely new amps focused on simplicity, road worthiness and studio work
2004Lone Star & Stiletto2 amps with completely different tone. Texas blues and classic British.

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