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Marshall Silver Jubilee Amps

Another popular tone monster by Marshall made famous by Slash of Guns 'N Rose and now Velvet Revolver fame. Marshall Silver Jubilee 2558

To celebrate 25 years of Marshall amps and for Jim Marshall being in rock 'n roll for 50 years, the Silver Jubilee amps were introduced in 1987. This explains the type 2550 (25/50) and name Silver Jubilee (25th Anniversary). The 1987 amps and cabinets were covered with silver vinyl and had chrome silver panels instead of the usual gold brushed aluminium panels. In the following years they were manufactured in the normal black vinyl, but the chrome panels stayed.

These amps could be switched to "half" power by switching the output pentodes to triode mode. The type 25/50 is also a reference to this feature.

The Jubilee Series amps also featured quiet switching between lead and rhythm channels. When the 1987 sales year ended, the special models were added into the existing JCM 800 line-up as the Custom Series (although they were sold in the traditional black vinyl after the Jubilee year was over). The model numbers for these amps were prefixed by a "JS" (Jubilee Series) after 1987.

In 1996 a limited edition (of 3000 amps) Slash Signature of the 2555 amp (and cabinet) was reissued.

Silver Jubilee Amp Models

Amp ModelWattsNotes
255325/50Mini-Stack Head
255425/501x12 Combo
255825/502x12 Combo

Silver Jubilee Speaker Cabinets

Cab ModelSizeTypeNotes
2551A4x12Angled Front1960 style cabs fitted with 4 Celestion either G-12 or G12-75 speakers
2551B4x12Straight FrontSame as above
2551AV4x12Angled Front1960 style cabinets were fitted with four 12" Celestion G12 Vintage 30 speakers
2551BV4x12Straight FrontSame as above
2556A2x12Angled Frontmini stack cabinets were fitted with two 12" Celestion either G12-70 or G12-75 speakers
2556B4x12Straight FrontSame as above
2556AV2x12Straight Frontmini stack cabinets were fitted with two 12" Celestion G12 Vintage 30 speakers
2556BV2x12Straight FrontSame as above

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