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Lee Jackson/Metaltronix Returns with New Pedals, Amps

Date:April 5, 2005
Manufacturer:Lee Jackson Amplifiers
Author:Lee Jackson PR

Lee Jackson LaGrunge Pedal Lee Jackson, known for his amplifier designs and modifications, has announced that after a four year hiatus, he has relaunched his company.

First to ship will be a new and expanded line of effect pedals. Included in the line are the Active Gain ($169.99), featuring two selectable levels of clipping along with gain and volume controls, and La Grunge Distortion ($189.99), designed to pass the full frequency range of your input for an amp-like distortion.

In addition, four new devices were announced. First up is the Orange Crusher ($189.99), a studio-style compressor with simple two knob control. The Vibrator ($189.99) is a tremolo/vibrato effect, providing speed, intensity, stroke, and pulsate controls. For the classic octave divider effect, Lee Jackson created the Atom Smasher ($189.99). Lastly, there's the Photon Phaser ($359.99), a classic phase shifting effect with Univibe and Leslie effects, including a mix control and footswitch for brake up/down like a real rotating speaker. Several more pedals will be released throughout the year.

According to Jackson, a reissue of his still sought after XLS-1000, albeit with some improvements, a new name and a new faceplate, will be the first amp to be made available. "I get email every day from people trying to find one of these," Jackson says, "so I decided to to satisfy that demand first, and roll out the newer models as the year progresses. The flagship of the new line will be the M-3000, an all tube 100 watt amp that boasts 30 new patented features." Lee Jackson Atom Smasher Pedal

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