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Forming a Band

As I am going through the process of putting a band together I thought it would be worth while to document the effort so others might benefit.

First thing was to decide the type of band (cover vs. original) and the types of players for your band. By types of players I am referring to dedication level and goals for the group. There are numerous threads of many forums with people complaining about their band mates dedication level or how the group has gone in a direction they don't like, yadda yadda yadda.

Here is how I approached this issue. With a family and other interested I can't be gigging every weekend nor do I want to rehearse 5 nights a week. Also have a serious day job that requires occasional travel and the ever popular last minute after 5pm meeting. I needed band mates with the same issues and it's always good to have everyone in the same age range, typically this will ensure similar musical interests.

Establish a goal and requirements for the band. Here is what I came up with for my situation:

  • Goal: Have fun, get away from work/family, gig occasionally
  • Age: 35+
  • Additional: Be able to bail from rehearsal (with notice) due to work or family obligations
  • Influences: List your musical influences, really important if you're going to play covers

    With a goal established I now needed to find people with similar goals and musical aspirations. Postings on guitar forums yielded nothing but a single posting on for my city yielded a singer/guitarist, bass player and drummer. Initial drummer didn't work out and a second posting on has yielded 2 drummers so far.

    Lesson Learned

    One thing I did learn was to get rehearsal space lined up ahead of time. The biggest issue so far has been where to rehearse and having this issue nailed down would have made things a lot easier.

    Next: Rehearsal Space and practice

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