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Egnater Mod50 Manual

This is a good read for Randall MTS owners as the Egnater manual goes into more depth on both the effects loops and the midi implementation. The Egnater Mod50 is a 50 watt modular guitar amp that comes in head or combo formats. Egnater designed the Randall MTS series of amps as well.

The manual doesn’t cover the Slave Out feature but here is commentary from Bruce Egnater on the feature.

"It is an attenuated signal that is tapped directly off the speaker output. Attenuated means the output level (voltage) is reduced to line level from the higher speaker level. You must have a load (speaker, Hotplate, or ?) connected to the amp as always. The line out is not specifically for direct recording. It can be used as an effects send for a pseudo stereo or W/D/W rig. For direct recording from the line out, you will want to use a cabinet simulating direct box. This output could be used for direct recording if your software has the cabinet simulation in it which would eliminate the need for a microphone. The advantage of having the output "tapped" off the speaker is so that you get all the tone of the amp including the power tubes, presence and density and the 10 watt feature."

You can either download the PDF by right-click, save as or open online.

Egnater Mod50 Manual

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