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X2 Digital XDS95 24-Bit Digital Wireless Instrument System

Date:October 1, 2006X2 Digital Wireless
Manufacturer:X2 Digital Wireless


The X2 Digital XDS95 24-Bit Digital Wireless Instrument System is a new guitar wireless system from X2 Digital Wireless. The design team is the same group that designed Sennheiser's Digital 1000 system (which I currently use). The main benefit of these systems is that they do not use companders to squash the signal thus they often sound better than using a cord.

X2 Digital XDS95 Specs

  • 24-bit linear AD/DA converters capture your exact performance
  • No compander ICs that inevitably squash your sound
  • Frequency-Clear™ 900 MHz UHF transmission means no DTV or licensing concerns
  • Compact "stomp-box" receiver fits in your guitar case
  • Receiver operates on a 9V battery or optional AC adapter means no 220V concerns
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • X2 Digital XDS95 Impressions

    I have only had a short time to play with the X2 but since I use the Sennheiser Digital 1000 at every gig I can tell you these are great systems. The really nice feature of the X2 is that it fits nicely on a pedal board so you non-rack folks can integrate the X2 Digital very nicely into your rig.

    The signal you get is phenominal. Almost better than a cable and definately equal to a cable without having to be tethered to your amp. I find my performance and stage presence is much better with without the cable. This could very well be my next big guitar purchase, highly recommended if your looking for a wireless solution.

    X2 Digital XDS95 24-Bit Digital Wireless Instrument System

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