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Weber MiniMass Review

Weber Mini Mass">
Date:January 6, 2006Weber MiniMass
Manufacturer:Weber VST

This is a follow on to our earlier review of the Weber Economy MiniMass. After a few months of usage our eMiniMass stopped working. I contacted Weber and they provided the process for returning the eMiniMass. Of course I didn't get around to actually sending the unit back for at least 6 months but Weber didn't even balk and within no time I received a box from Weber with what I was expecting to be a new or repaired eMiniMass.

I was massively surprised to find a new 25 watt MiniMass when I opened the box. The new Minimass has 1/4" input and output but Weber included a pair of 1/4" to RCA cables to connect the MiniMass to my Fender Champ.

Testing the Economy MiniMass

weber mini mass As I started hooking up the MiniMass to my Champ a killer idea occurred. Since the MiniMass has 1/4" outs could I hook the MiniMass to the Champ, set it a 4 ohms, then connect the output to my Mesa Boogie 4x10 cab which is 8 ohms? A quick email and response back from Weber assured me that this would be perfectly safe for the MiniMass, Champ and speaker cab.

To capture some sound clips A Shure SM57 was used to mic the Jensen in the Boogie cab which was connected to a M-Audio Audio Buddy mic preamp into a Delta-66 and recorded using Cakewalk's Sonar 5 (I finally upgraded), these are the first clips that I have recorded using Sonar.

I set the volume on the Champ at about 8.5, treble at 9 and bass at 10. Using a EBMM Axis on the bridge pickup I fired the Champ up, put the MiniMass in Normal mode and set the volume on 2.

You thought a Champ sounded good cranked wait until you try it with a real speaker cab. I cannot stop playing this setup - throw a Tubescreamer in front and stand back. The overdrive and crunch are just fantastic.

Sound Clip Champ 4x10 with MiniMass

Final Opinion

If you've got a Fender Champ the MiniMass is the way to go. Not only can you get smoking tones at bedroom levels but you also get the option of adding different speaker cabs without modifying the Champ. Highly recommended.

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