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Randall RT2/50 Review

Date:August 26, 2005Randall RT2/50
Manufacturer:Randall Amplifiers

Randall RT2/50 Specs

  • 50/50 watts mono (Channel Switching mode)
  • 100 watts stereo (Stereo mode)
  • Channel 1- 6L6's (Standard)
  • Channel 2- E34L�s (Standard)
  • Three 12AX7's
  • Master volume control for each ch.
  • Master presence control for each ch.
  • Master density control for each ch.
  • MIDI in/thru
  • Front panel Power tube bias section
  • 4/8/16 ohm selector (each channel)

    The Randall RT2/50 is your basic power amp with a twist. By allowing either standard stereo mode or channel switching mode you can switch between 6L6 or EL34 tubes depending on the channel of your preamp or module in the RM4. Why is this useful? Fenders get their distinctive sound from 6L6 power tubes while Marshalls are know for their EL34 tone. With the ability to match the power tubes to your preamp module one can get closer to the sound of a particular amp. This also allows for unique tone with for example the Plexi module with 6L6 power tubes.

    While the Randall RT2/50 come with EL34's I highly recommend a set of JJ E34L's. I have these in my Randall RM50HB head and they sound wonderful.

    Randall RT2/50 Sound Clips

    One sound clip using 2 different modules, a modified Top Boost and the Recto, are featured in this clip. The 6L6 channel is first followed by the EL34 channel, both were recorded dry. You can hear the difference between the two with the EL34's being a little darker or with more bass.

    Signal path is as such: EBMM Axis SS, Randall RM4, Randall RT2/50, Sennheiser e609S, M-Audio Audio Buddy, Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. Top boost features the neck pickup while the Recto clips was done with the bridge pickup. For settings check out the Randall MTS settings page.

    Randall RT2/50 Sound Clips

    Randall RT2/50 Impressions

    While I have not had this power amp cranked to rehearsal levels yet I am expecting it to sound very similar to my RM50HB on the same settings. The added flexibility of 2 seperate power sections with different tube sounds will help with getting great tone for my cover band gig.

    The manual is a bit vague and does not cover how to change midi channels but does a great job of walking one through the tube bias process. Only other negative I can come up with is the weight. This is a seriously heavy piece of gear with a shipping weight over 50lbs. Might need to get wheels for my rack.

    Midi programming is a breeze with the Randall RT2/50. Simply use the channel select button to select the channel (6L6 vs EL34) then hold the channel select in for 3 seconds while your midi controller is on the correct program number. Done.

    Randall RT2-50 50w/50w Stereo Tube Power Amplifier
    Randall RT2-50 50w/50w Stereo Tube Power Amplifier

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