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Pumaboard Pedal Board Review

Date:March 14, 2005
Manufacturer:Pumaman's Custom Pedalbords

Pedal Board Change

I had been using my trusty PedalTrain pedal board but it was getting crowded and things were starting to stack up, literally. Because I have mainly been a rack person in the past having to tap dance on pedals is 1) damn inconveniet and 2) throws off my playing. Thus my trusty Axess Electronics GRX4 and MFC5 had made their way onto the PedalTrain. All the audio cables and midi cables were starting to become a mess and I was plain out of real estate.

So it was decided to get a pedal board where my GRX4 could reside underneither. Enter the Puma Board.

Puma Board Pedal Board

Pumaman has 2 version the Classic which is 15" deep and the Low Rider which is 16" deep. There are also numerous standard widths and custom widths available as well. Since I wanted to put my GRX4 underneither I got the classic. Also since my PedalTrain came with a hard case and I'd purchased the soft case I wanted my Puma Board to fit inside my PedalTrain cases so I got the 24" wide Classic.

There are numerous other options available so check out the web site (linked above). I've also ordered an Egnater Mod50 Combo and thought it would be cool to have my new Puma Board match the tolex on the new amp. This was not a problem and I was only charged as if I had ordered the racing stripe option.

In the end everything fits, the board is very sturdy and I actually got compliments (from women) on my new pedalboard at it's first gig.

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