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Peterson StroboStomp Review

Date:March 14, 2005StroboStomp
Manufacturer:Peterson Tuners


I was getting frustrated with my old Sabine 1500 floor model tuner as it took for ever to find the right pitch. This was a problem during rehearsal as it slowed down practice and could cause dead time on stage. After reading through numerous guitar forums I decided to give the Peterson StroboStomp a try.

StroboStomp Specs

  • 100% True Bypass Switching with Heavy Duty 3PDT Stomp Switch for Silent Tuning
  • Real-Time Virtual Strobe TM Technology
  • Backlit Strobe Display
  • Accuracy to 1/10th of a Cent (30 times more accurate than LED / Needle Tuners)
  • Offsets for All Instruments Fitted with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System´┐Ż Including 12 String
  • Range Far Exceeds that of Any Guitar or Bass
  • Peterson Custom GTR TM, BAS TM and 12 String Tunings
  • User-Programmable Tempered Tunings
  • Drop / Capo Transposition for All Tunings and Offsets
  • Built-In Mute-able Active DI for Acoustic Guitars and Bass with Ground/Lift and XLR Output
  • Power-Sharing 9V DC Input / Output or 9V Battery
  • Rock Solid Die-Cast Construction Ergonomically Designed to Protect LCD and Stomp Switch

    Rig Simplification

    Due to the tone impact the Sabine had on my rig a DOD A/B box was used to switch the tuner in/out of the signal. Since the StroboStomp has true bypass this is no longer an issue and I run my guitar cord directly into the StroboStomp then to the rack.

    StroboStomp Impressions

    So far I have only used the standard tuning with the StroboStomp but it has definitely made an improvement. Using the Sabine the intro to Plush was harsh sounding however the incredible 0.1 cent accuracy of the StroboStomp has eliminated this harsh sound and has improved the sound of all chords.

    There has been some debate on the web that unless everyone in the band uses a highly accurate tuner then you will be out of tune with the other members. BS. Your guitar has got to be in tune with itself first and the more accurate the tuning the better the tone. Since using the StroboStomp I have gotten comments from band members on how much better my rig sounds - even from the drummer.

    Peterson Support

    Peterson has a forum dedicated to the StroboStomp Forum with reps from Peterson available to answer questions. The Peterson Tuning contacts page also lists people their job function and telephone extension which is something just don't see from other manufacturers.


    Whether you are a rack person or pedal board type the Peterson StroboStomp is 1 pedal that should be included in your rig. Remember you can use the StroboStomp to reduce pedal board clutter by having it power your other pedals.
    Peterson StroboStomp Virtual Strobe Tuner Pedal and DI
    Peterson StroboStomp Virtual Strobe Tuner Pedal and DI

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