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Stage Magic's PedalSnakeG2 Review

Date:March 23, 2005
Manufacturer:Stage Magic PedalSnake

Update - New Base Snakes

PedalSnake has released new base snakes in 18 and 21 foot lengths. The new snakes feature 7 channels: 6 3-wire channels like the old base snake and 1 5-wire channel that can pass phantom power to your midi controller. The old G2 snake had 4 3-wire channels so the new snake gives you 2 more channels plus the ability to pass phantom power to a midi controller. All the old G and P-lines will work with the new base snake.

Simply got tired of all the connections running to my pedals. Power to the ADA MC-1, power to the pedals (and I'm already using a Ibanez multi power thing) then the midi cord from the MC-1 and the cables from the pedals to the amp. So I went ahead and grabbed a Pedal Snake G2 standard model (2211G2) and the 2.5mm power adapter for the MC-1. The base Pedal Snake comes with a power pig tail (PLine) and a guitar line pig tail (GLine). This is close to the best piece of gear I've purchased yet.

How the PedalSnakeG2 Works

PedalSnake replaces all the "cable mess" between your pedals and backline amps and racks. Guitar cords, AC power cords, footswitch lines, MIDI...everything gets replaced by "one cable".

The PedalSnakeG2 is the expandable version of PedalSnake. The Base Snake can be configured with various "G2 Pigtails", so if your rig ever changes.....

The G2 Base Snake has a very robust but flexible rubber covering very typical of a mic snake. The 2211G2 that I bought comes with a (1) power pigtail and (1) guitar line pigtail (Pedal Snake terminology). The pigtail method of configuring Base Snake channels into power or guitar lines is what makes the G2 version of the Pedal Snake extremely flexible. Just add new pig tails to meet your changing needs. The overall length of the Pedal Snake is 22 feet. Imagine 1 line from your amp to your pedal board. Mine looks COOL onstage, and I setup in no time now.

PedalSnakeG2 Features

  • PedalSnake Patented Technology-no noise or crosstalk
  • Permanent, expandable "plug and play" G2 Base Snake
  • "Plug and play" G2 Pigtails easily swap in and out from the Base Snake
  • Swap Pigtails to always have the proper number of GuitarLines, PowerLines, and MIDI lines-no matter what changes your rig and cabling go through
  • "Plug and play" Pigtails are very affordable-starting at $13.99 for a 2-pack that takes care of both snake ends
  • Configure G2 Base Snake with up to 8 GLines (GuitarLines) and PLines (PowerLines) using Dual G2 Pigtails (see About Dual Pigtails below)
  • Standard 25" fanout (50" total "spread")-15" Pigtails plug into the 10" Base Snake fanout

    Pedal Snake Set Up

    First let me describe my signal chain which is pretty basic.
    Guitar -> Catalinbread SCO -> Rockman Stereo Echo -> Dean Markley RM-40DR

    The Rockman Echo and channel changing on the Dean Markley are handled by a Rockman Midi Octopus which is controlled by a ADA MC-1 midi pedal. I've got a Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special on order and will be increasing the pedals and rack effects once that arrives, stay tuned for the update.

    The Pedal Snake is labeled for the amp end and pedal end. On the amp end I simply plugged the raw midi end of the Pedal Snake into my Rockman Midi Octopus, the Pline into my MC-1 power supply and the GLine into my Rockman Stereo Echo. On the pedal end the MC-1 received the midi line, the GLine into the Catalinbread SCO and a 1 Spot Daisy Chain power supply to power the MC-1 and the Catalinbread SCO. Guitar cord plugs into the Catalinbread SCO and I'm ready to rock. It was that simple.

    Final Conclusions

    Unless you just enjoy a million cords and a pedal board that looks like a rats nest then you don't want to even consider the Pedal Snake. Otherwise spend the $49.99 (US) and make you life just a little easier. Great product that makes your say "why didn't I think of that".

    Additionally custom service was fantastic. I had some questions about getting the correct power adapter for the ADA MC-1, all my questions were answered via email in a timely manner. Others have reported spending time on the phone with the folks at to make sure they order everything necessary for their specific application.

    Pedal Snake Video

    Instead of pics I decided to shoot a video of the PedalSnakeG2 which I believe will get the benefits of the Pedal Snake across much better than pics. This is not a professional video so don't be to critical. Also, in order to improve the download speeds there is some degrading of the image quality. Video is in Windows Media Play v9 format.

    Items mentioned in this review:
    Stage Magic PedalSnake G2 Model 2211G2 22 FT
    Stage Magic PedalSnake G2 Model 2211G2 22 FT

    Catalinbread SCO is available at

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