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Line6 Verbzilla Review

Date:November 10, 2005Line6 Verbzilla

Line6 Verbzilla Specs

The Line6 Verbzilla is a reverb pedal that models both famous reverb units along with standard studio reverbs. Verbzilla comes with the follow reverb:

  • '63 Spring - Based on* a FenderŪ 1963 brown spring reverb head unit. Best known for great surf guitar tone!
  • Spring - Based on a studio spring reverb.
  • Plate - Based on a studio plate reverb.
  • Room - Simulates the acoustic properties of a classic echo chamber that consists mainly of early reflections.
  • Chamber - An elongated ambient space such as a hall, stairwell or elevator shaft creates this reverb type. Dreamy.
  • Hall - Simulates the sound of a concert hall or large open space with a strong reverb tail. Imagine a gymnasium, performance hall, or cathedral.
  • Ducking - Built using a 'Hall' but with a ducking effect. The volume of your reverb is "ducked" (reduced) while you're playing, and increases when you stop. This allows for clean musical passages with a touch of reverb that ramps up in volume once you stop playing.
  • Octo - Creates a lush, ambient space with a harmonized decay whose harmonic denseness is controlled by the time knob. Use volume swells and prepare to float on a cloud!
  • Cave - Surreal cavernous echo chamber.
  • Tile - Emulates the acoustic reflections of a tiled room, such as a bathroom with bright early reflections.
  • Echo - Just like it says ...echo...echo...echo.

    The Time control is basically the same as the predecay function in the GuitarPort and PODXT line.

    Line6 Verbzilla Sound Clips

    Basically played 2 licks using the Verbzilla, one a Hendrix like blues line and the second the intro to Plush by STP. The blues line starts with a dry Fender Champ then repeated using the '63 Reverb model and again using the Plate model. In the clips the mix is set higher than I normally would so that you can get a feel for the verb.

    The second clip starts once again as a dry Champ followed by the settings I would use for Plush.

    Signal path is as such: guitar, Line6 Verbzilla, Fender Silver Faced Champ cranked (with Weber MiniMass set on 2), M-Audio Delta66, Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.

    Settings used on the clips can be found on the Verbzilla Tone Settings page.

    Verbzilla '63 Reverb & Plate Sound Clips

    Verbzilla Room Sound Clips

    Verbzilla Impressions

    I really like this reverb pedal mainly due to the vast amount of sounds it can produce. My current reverb is a Rocktron Multivalve which has a very limited reverb, the Verbzilla will allow me to get a more fine tuned reverb for each song. It can be as in-your-face or as subtle as you need.
    Line 6 ToneCore Verbzilla Pedal
    Line 6 ToneCore Verbzilla Pedal
    Line 6 ToneCore Verbzilla Guitar Effects Module
    Line 6 ToneCore Verbzilla Guitar Effects Module
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