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George L's CableReview

Date:August 26, 2005 
Manufacturer:George L's

So I bought the kit below from Musicians Friend to wire my pedal board along with some extra 1/4 inch straight plugs. I ended up going with a rack system but the cabling was a mess so I used the George L's kit to wire my rack. The rack features a preamp (RM4), Power Amp (RT2/50), multi-effect and a power distribution system. George Ls Cables

The George L's were very easy to assemble with only a flat blade screw driver and a pair of wire cutters. Simple cut the cable to the necessary length and install the plug, angled plugs can be built with only wire cutters while he straight plugs have a set screw. The tools used should already be in every guitarists tool kit as the wire cutters are used for re-stringing and the screw driver for bias setting.

George L's Effects Cable Kit
George L's Effects Cable Kit

George L's Conclusion

Do the George L's sound better than my other cables? Hard to tell. But they are very easy to build and definately will make your pedal board or rack clutter free. Definately a recommended buy.

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