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Everly Music B52 Rockers Guitar String Review

Date:February 4, 2004
Manufacturer:Everly Music

In this review we will be focusing on guitar strings, particularly Everly Music's B-52 Rockers (link can be found on the links page). Name sound familiar? It should as this is the company of Phil Everly of Everly Brothers fame. And his daughter wasn't the one that married Axl Rose.

Why are we testing Everly Music's strings? As I was walking through the NAMM show and came upon their booth I asked "why should I use your strings over someone elses?" They answered "because ours will make you sound better". To prove it they gave me a set of 10-46 B-52 Rockers and a set Electric Rockers. For this test I will be comparing the B-52's to a set of 10-46 D'Addario XL's.

The Product

Everly Music claims that the B-52 Rockers "are the most fearsome, awesome Electric Guitar strings the world has ever known". These strings are made from an alloy called "Alloy-52" which is supposed to be incredible resonant and tarnish resistant. Everly claims these strings to be "the finest, most responsive, longest lasting set of electric guitar strings you have ever played". Well see about that.

Other than that these are basic ball end strings.

The Test

I first strung my Fender USA Strat with D'Addario XLs (10-46) then recorded a simple blues rhythm pattern with Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. No effects or amps where used just my guitar on the stock neck pickup into a M-Audio Audio Buddy pre-amp. All settings within Cakewalk and on the Audio Buddy were saved or left alone. Two weeks later I re-strung my guitar with the B-52's and recorded the same blues pattern into Cakewalk, mixed both tracks down to a mono signal and exported to MP3.


I've been playing D'Addario XLs for as long as I can remember, I've tried other strings but always seem to go back to the D'Addarios. This last set that I placed on my Fender USA Strat specifically for this review lasted about 2 weeks before becoming flat sounding and drifting out of tune while playing. Because things have been really crazy around here I've had very little time to practice so during the last 2 weeks I played about a half hour per day on average.

My initial impressions of the B-52's are WOW what great sounding strings. My open and high string playing is very thin sounding and these B-52's cure that to some extent. Put it this way after I recorded the test I plugged into my SF Fender Champ and the wife came busting in to ask me what I was doing differently because I sounded so much better. Now that's an endorsement.

Anyway, decide for yourself by listening to the MP3 that is attached which is less than 300k. In two weeks I'll update this report with a status of how the strings are holding up since these strings are sold as long lasting.

The first passage is the D'Addarios and the second after a 1 measure pause are the B-52's

mp3 File

Everly B-52 Rockers Alloy Electric String Set Light
Everly B-52 Rockers Alloy Electric String Set Light

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