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Digitech GSP1101 Review

Date:January 1, 2008 DigiTech GSP1101 Guitar Effects Modeling System


Want to reduce the size of your rig and get a back-up in the process? Then check out the new Digitech GSP1101 Guitar Preamp/Processor. The main benefit is you can either use the built in amp models or place your amps preamp (or a rack preamp) in the same spot as the GSP1101's amp models go. This provides the popular 4-cable method of hookup that places the stompboxes in front of the preamp and "loop" FX after the preamp.


Instead of listing all the stompboxes, amp models, cabinets and effects just head to Digitech's GSP1101 page for a complete list.

Tone Preservation

Digitech's marketing team states that the GSP1101 will preserve your tone when used with your amp. So far I've have found that to be true. I have run the GSP1101 in the following configurations: Rockman XPR in the loop and the preamp section of my Egnater MOD50 in the loop. Both scenarios have proven to be beneficial and by selecting the flat or direct cabinet and no FX there is no change in my tone. Now once I started bring FX online then my tone started to change but it was eerily close to when I bring that same pedal online. For example, the tube screamer model in the GSP1101 sounded very close to my Maxon OD808 with just a small amount of tweaking.

Others have reported some digital compression when using the GSP1101 this way but to my ears I don't hear the compression. My concern is to be able to reproduce the sounds I need for a cover band situation while still preserving the tone of my amp or preamp. To my ears the GSP1101 accomplishes this in spades. When I AB against my POD XT Pro the GSP1101 wins hands down for feel and overall sound. Throw in the 4-cable/insert your preamp/amp here method and it beats the Line6 stuff every time. Have a tube go bad in the middle of a gig, just switch to a setting that turns the loop off and uses the internal amp models and your back in business.

What I Didn't Like

The only thing so far that I would change is to move the noise gate to after the models/loop return. Wish I could come up with more negatives but frankly that's it - oh yeah the software is so easy to use you find yourself not learning how the units interface actually works which could be a problem at a gig.

How I Use the GSP1101

In my cover band we run everything direct and I have been using a POD XT Pro. My new rig will be the GSP1101 with the Rockman XPR in the loop all connected to a Rocktron Rack Interface and controlled by a Axess Electronics MFC5 midi pedal. This gives me the flexibility I need to cover the sounds of the songs we play plus easy hookup with the Rack Interface. Once the new Control 2 comes out that Digitech has designed specifically for the GSP1101 I'll probably switch to that for midi control.

I will be adding sound clips in a couple of days.

DigiTech GSP1101 Guitar Effects Modeling System
DigiTech GSP1101 Guitar Effects Modeling System

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