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Auralex GRAMMA Review

Date:October 1, 2006Auralex GRAMMA


So here is the back ground on why I purchased the Auralex GRAMMA amp riser. About 6 weeks ago my band played a club with a very high and hollow stage that wreaked havoc on my amp. The stage accentuated the lows and highs making my Randall RM50 head and Marshall 4x10 sound massively boomy and plinky to the point of being annoying. By the end of the night I had finally dialed in the EQ but what a pain. So I grabbed the Auralex GRAMMA in hopes that it would make my sound consistant from the rehearsal room to the stage. Short answer to this story is the Auralex GRAMMA works perfectly for this application.

Auralex GRAMMA Specs

The Auralex GRAMMA is a small amp riser that yields nearly total acoustic isolation from the floor. Being 23" long x 15" wide and 2.75" high my Marshall 1965A (4x10) cab fit on the GRAMMA perfectly. The Auralex GRAMMA is able to hold 300 pounds.

Auralex GRAMMA Impressions

Not that you need the handle but it is there and a convenient way to carry the GRAMMA but the unit is so light and small you can grab it anywhere. The GRAMMA performed as advertised and I did not need to tweek my EQ section all night meaning I could concentrate on the performance.

If you play a variety of different stages and want to maintain a consistent sound then I highly recommend the Auralex GRAMMA. For $49.99 it's one of the best tone purchases I've made to date.

Auralex Gramma Amp Isolation Riser
Auralex Gramma Amp Isolation Riser

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