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Great article by Bob Bradshaw on building a pedal board including some new CAE products. Check it out at Custom Audio Electronics web site.

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We seek the Grail…

A common thread among all guitar players regardless of style or musical tastes is the elusive search for the Holy Grail of tone. Players like Stevie Ray Vaughn (SRV), Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen (EVH) have often been referred to as having found that tone Grail. For some players it can be Clapton's "Woman Tone" or for others it is EVH's "Brown Sound" but no matter how you describe it guitar players have been searching for that Holy Grail of tone since the beginning of electric guitar time.

Our goal at is not to provide the specific gear that the guitar Gods are using but to document great guitar sound that can be achieved through commonly available products. The use of stompboxes and basic rack gear will be used heavily.

One thing that is noticeable is the heavy Rockman influence and while engineering guru Tom Scholz changed the way rock guitar sounded in 1976, a lot has been learned by de-Bostonizing the Rockman rock modules in order to achieve great guitar sounds. Here we'll use the lessons learned by Rockman and other gear and apply it to the more standard guitar-to-pedal-to-amp approach used by most guitar players.

In this day of digital effects one cannot ignore the amps and devices that model the great amplifiers and effects of the past. The Line6 and Johnson products come to mind most frequently and where appropriate these products will be included in our quest for Tone.

Finally, the long range plans include a way to document how you achieve your favorite guitar sounds. This will include not only an input and display mechanism but also the ability to search for certain sounds/tones and specific products being used.

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