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  • We are a strong Musician community growing at the rate of over three hundred new visitors per day!
  • You can advertise on a wealth of guitar related content pages including forums, product reviews, tone articles, and our tone settings database.
  • Forum targeted banner and text campaigns so all your ads are only shown to people who are interested in exactly what you have to offer.

Official PayPal Seal Payments can be made out to PayPal e-mail [email protected]. If you don't feel comfortable using PayPal or it is not available in your country, mailed checks are accepted on an individual basis. For more information, or with help in creating a custom campaign that will work best for you, please contact me.

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Amp Settings Sponsorship

Manufacturers can now sponsor their own amp settings page to ensure their products are included and have complete control over which models are available. To take advantage of this very unique branding opportunity, please contact us to have your products featured.

Amp Settings Sponsorship Rates
$100 per month per amp or $550 for 6 months

Effect Settings Sponsorship

Effects manufacturers don't feel left out. Our database system currently can handle your products as well. Please contact us to get your products included - be the first to have your products featured on this unique site.

Effects Settings Sponsorship Rates
$100 per month per effect or $550 for 6 months

Run of Site Advertising

Run of site includes:
  • (Mesa Boogie)

Benefits include:

  • Your link on 100,000 Google indexed pages.
  • Run-of-site static text link labeled as a site sponsor.
  • Left sidebar content is spidered even before the main page content.
  • No more than ten sponsors will be listed at any one time, for maximum benefit.
  • Site targeted includes your choice of run of site properties
  • Specific sections of each site are available
  • Approximately 200,000+ impressions per month

Targeted Banner Advertisements

Pricing for banner ads:
  • $100/month Run of site
  • $150/month Site Targeted to specific pages

Static Text Link in Left Sidebar - $250 / month
Calls out site sponsorship

Forum Sponsorship

Our two forums the Boogie Board and MTS Forum is a great way to advertise to a targeted group of guitar players that enjoy quality equipment. Many of our registered members have numerous amps outside of the Mesa Boogie, Egnater and Randall brand. Current rates at $50/month per forum or $275 for 6 months.

Other Sites

These are other sites owned and developed by Cullen Consulting.

The Tokai Registry - Featured in the June 2005 issue of Guitar Player magazine.

The Tokai Forum

The Wolfgang Registry - EVH Products

Cullen Racing Porsche 911 race car sponsorship available

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